Wrong values from HTU21D -> Autonomo

Hi all,

I hope that someone can give me a hint… When i connect my HTU21D (temp & humidity sensor) to my Arduino One / Mega i get the correct values, when i connect it to the Autonomo i only get -44.2 & -4.1.

Any ideas?

Update: think it has something to do with the wiring (quick and dirty)…

Those values are based on the read_value() returning either 998 (timeout) or 999 (checksum error).

For example, the humidity calculation is: value * 125 / 65536 - 6.

It is likely a wiring issue, additionally, the I2C lines (SDA & SCL) require pull-up resistors to function correctly. Most breakout boards include these.

Wiring + 4.7 pull ups did the job! Thanks