Wrong bootloader? Sodaq One thinks its ExpLoRer


My Sodaq One board shows up in Arduino IDE as a Sodaq Explorer, and it has problems communicating to the modem, which might be related.

How can I burn the correct bootloader onto the Sodaq One?

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This is normal and due to shared IDs, and the order the boards are listed.

You will need a programmer like the Atmel-ICE or any other programmer that will work with ARM based boards over SWD.

If you are having issues uploading, and you are certain you have selected the correct terminal port, you can try putting the board into bootloader mode. This is achieved by double tapping the reset button.

Note: When in bootloader mode, the SodaqOne appears on a different terminal port.

Does this mean you use Atmel Studio 7?

If so please share files & projects with people.
We don’t all like Arduino IDE its poor. $0.02 worth



@Mark_Edgar you can upload to a board in the Arduino IDE using the USB connection or with a programmer (Atmel-ICE or an alternative).

Does this mean you use Atmel Studio 7?

Still no answer to this important part!


I have used Atmel Studio in the past, but not with any of these boards.

The main issue you will find is that many of the libraries are built around the Arduino core and require elements like Serial, Wire or SPI.

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I accept the challenge for the community.

I will have a crack at porting it.
ExpLoRer here we come.

The last large port I did was 100,000 lines of C code.
Mind you it was a year in the doing. 5 days a week.
20 years back.



Dear Gabriel,

this might be normal but it DOES affect the firmware updater due to these lines of code

Dear @dmamalis,

These lines of code have nothing to do with the bootloader.

These lines tell the compiler to only compile code for your selected board in the boards manager.
Did you compile for an explorer and have the sodaq one attached to your pc? It will upload since it has the same microcontroller (different package) and ofcource it will not work, the pins are routed differently.

A failing RN2xx3updater sketch usually is the issue from having not the latest Arduino IDE + not the latest board files.
Use the SAMD boards url to optain the latest board files.

Install the Arduino m0 board files, then the arduino ide thinks it’s an Arduino Zero. All Sodaq’s SAMD boards have a bootloader based on the Arduino Zero. You can load Arduino Zero bootloader into any Sodaq SAMD board without issues. The extra features like fading led when it’s in bootloader mode will not be there.

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