Why I cannot set my DevEUI with ABP mode?


I am facing some trouble setting the DevEUI in my device when using ABP, I am using the function setMacParams as show here

  uint8_t DevEUI2[8] = {  0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x00, 0x41, 0x47, 0x30, 0x39 };

  if (!LoRaBee.setMacParam(STR_DEV_EUI,DevEUI2,8)){}

However, I see how the device gets tack trying to set the devEUI, enabling debug shows that when setting the devEUI the field is in blank,

[setMacParam] deveui = [array]

why does this happen? Should I set a cast for DevEUI2?

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I think that I know what is lacking, I miss the instruction init(stream, resetPin) && setMacParam(STR_DEV_EUI,DevEUI2,8)

HI @GabrielNotman or @Jan

I was wondering why if I do use the comand set dev eui with the method LoRaBee.setMacParam(STR_DEV_EUI,DevEUI2,8)) and I use the function LoRaBee.getHWEUI() I don’t get the same value, why is that?


Every RN module has an build in DevEUI
gethweui () Will return that number

You can tell the device to use your own DevEUI.

When you use ABP the DevEUI is NOT used.
You only need it for OTAA

When you use ABP the DevEUI is used to send data from the network provider to your backend. NOT from the device to the network.

@Jan thanks for replying,

I agree with what you say, since that is what LoRa specs say, but what happens if I use my own DevEUI that doesn’t match with the builtin DevEUI? Would my own DevEUI replace the hw one? I don’t see a mac save when setting my own DevEUI

I ask this because in fact, I think I have an issue between the network provider and the backend, apparently the backend doesn’t recognize the DevEUI that I am setting with

The hweui is always there. You can in your code when using otaa tell your software to use the builtin hweui or your own.

Did you connect the DevAddr to the DevEUI in the network backend?
This CANNOT be setup in the device

if the setup in the network is good and you still dont see any packets in the backend you might be out of range from the gateway.

I see, reading the RN2483 again states that indeed[quote=“Jan, post:6, topic:776”]

Did you connect the DevAddr to the DevEUI in the network backend?This CANNOT be setup in the device
Yes I did, but that is the problem, what DevEUI to set, the one I use or the one that is prompt wiht getHWEUI, furthermore, the DevAddr is handshaked with otaa I cannot have access to it

Can be any random number.

If a message received on the gateway with your DevAddr, it will send it to your backend with the DevEUI of your choise.
It will use the one you choose, since you got a deveui from the network, use that.


THe guys of the network tell me that the device doesn’t have and address set when using otaa… How can I check that address does my device get?

Is the address set on the second receiver window?