What tool did you use to measure the power consumption?


In this example, you are showing a graph at the bottom: https://support.sodaq.com/Boards/Sara_AFF/Examples/low_power_sketch/

May I know what tools you used to measure the power consumption?


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Hi @Peter_van_Leeuwen,

We used the otii.

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Hi @Jan
Thank you for this suggestion.

Maybe you can also help me with this.

What would be the power consumption when the device is not in sleep mode?
And what is the power consumption when the device is getting a GPS signal and sending that signal to a server? Like in the Universal Tracker application.

Is it possible for you to get that information?

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Hi @Peter_van_Leeuwen

The SODAQ boards are using around 12mA on 3.3V when the microcontroller is on (not the modem or the GPS). GPS will use around 30-40 mA on 3.3V and it could take a second to a few minutes to get a fix.
Sending the data to the server is something that could change a lot - it is based on your technology, SIM card/provider (or Lora), antenna and a lot of other variables.

I hope you got the information that you need