What are the components of Sodaq One V3 GPS?

Hello! I am designing my own pcb board based on sodaq one V3 (I built my prototype with a Sodaq One V3 and a MAX30102) and I am currently integrating both devices in KiCAD but I have a doubt with the GPS.
The official page says the GPS is an uBlox EVA M8M and I already have the symbol and footprint, but I have doubt with the 1575.42 Mhz SAW filter U3 Component (could I use this one? B39162B9416K610):

and the other doubt is about U4 component, I have no idea what that component is, I also tried to see other Sodaq boards schematics but no success since other boards do not have GPS module.
Could somebody help me please? Thank you so much!

I guess I found the answer, U4 is a high side load switch and I will try the ITS41K0S-ME-N and the U3 is a SAW filter and the manufacturer suggest the following (see page 41 RF band-pass filter): https://content.u-blox.com/sites/default/files/products/documents/EVA-8M-M8-FW3_HIM_%28UBX-16010593%29.pdf