Vodafone "Timed-out waiting for UDP Response!" Error UK


I’m using the NB-IOT Vodafone SARA R410M sodaq bored in the UK.

Using the universal tracker i receive the following error message:

** Boot-up completed successfully!
Starting getGpsFixAndTransmit()…
Setting RTC from 946684854 to 1560982545
Timestamp, BatteryVoltage, BoardTemperature, Lat, Long, Altitude, Speed, Course, SatelliteCount, TimeToFix
…//taken out


<< +CGATT: 1
<< OK


<< +CSQ: 17,99
<< OK


<< +CGDCONT: 1,“IP”,“nb.inetd.gdsp”,“”,0,0,0,0
<< OK

Sending message through UDP


<< +USOCR: 0
<< OK


<< +USOST: 0,37
<< OK




<< +USORF: 0,0
<< OK




<< +USORF: 0,0
<< OK

AT+USORF=0,0 // this repeats about 20 times
Timed-out waiting for UDP Response!


<< OK

I’m looking to upload values to the All things talk platform (Vodafone) using this guide https://support.sodaq.com/sodaq-one/universal-tracker/

Where am I going wrong?
Any help would be greatly appreciated

Hi @DanielLewis,

All seems to work fine from the device side.

You are able to send settings back to the device. It will look for data back for 15 seconds.
If you haven’t received any data within these 15 seconds you will get this message.
AllThingsTalk doesn’t send any data back, you can reduce the timeout in the menu.

I think there might be an issue with the configuration of the AllThingsTalk settings.
Do you see data coming in into the AllThingsTalk debug tab?

Best regards,

Hi Jan,

I resolved the issue, i used the token provided to me on the All things talk platform, i changed it to the token printed on the simcard holder and i can now see the data on the platform in the UK.

Kind regrads


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Hi Daniel,
I have the same issue. I use the token on the All things talk plateform (att=maker:…)
I have the Timeout message and nothing is comming to the plateform.
What do you mean about “the token printed on the simcard holder”?
Thank you,

Hi @Eric_Weber,

When people buy a board with a Vodafone simcard they get access to the Vodafone AllThingsTalk platform. Similar to the maker platform of allthingstalk.

With this setup they get a ActivationCode, to activate the device, it will automatically make the correct Assets for you.

If you have claimed your device with an ActivationCode, you can add assets and use the 8 character token to send other data to your device.

The maker: of vodafone: tokens wont work here.

Please send an email to shop@sodaq.com with your EUI or CCID/IMEI and tell them you would like to have an ActivationCode + token for your device on ATT.

Best regards,

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Hi Eric,
When I received the SODAQ board it came with a Vodafone SIM card, the device ID was printed on the SIM card holder (The credit card shaped holder)