Various autonomo questions

The questions regarding the autonomo are as follows:

  1. What GPRS board does it work with (v3,v4,…)?
  2. What is the cs pin for the SD card nad are there any specific library or code requirements for it to work.
  3. how can I use the PC to set the time for example using a ds1307 on an arduino would use the setup code “rtc.adjust(DateTime(data,Time)”
  4. is it possible to use more than one SPI device. For example on an arduino mega the default SPI pins are 50 - 53 with 53 being the CS pin but if I want to use an SD card shield I have to specifically tell the mega which other [pis to use using the code sd.begin(10,11,12,13) where CS is 10 how ever this only works with an extended SD Library for use with the MEGA however this extended sd library does not seem to be compatible with the autonomo. If I want ot add say an SPI camera to the autonomo how would I go about it.

Any help is much appreciated.


OK have found the CS pin designation for the sd card (just needed to have a look at the examples)


  1. I’m not entirely sure. The only compatibility issue might be the switching method. What revision do you have?

  2. The chip select pin for the SD card is 46 or you can use either of the CS_SD or SS_2 labels.

  3. Have a look at the RTCZero libary for setting the clock. There are some examples included. There are some additions in this fork that are not present in the main library.

  4. There are already two SPI devices on board, the dataflash chip and the SD card. The CS pin for the dataflash is 43, SS or SS_DFLASH. The MISO, MOSI and SCK pins are also defined.

I believe the MEGA has a second SPI bus, and that library is designed to allow you to select which bus to use. The Autonomo can be setup to add another SPI bus. However, this isn’t very easy to do and usually unnecessary.

To attach another SPI device you will have to attach the MISO, MOSI and SCK lines. Additionally, you will need to attach another IO pin to serve as the CS pin for that device.

Hi Gabriel and thanks for the reply. Basically i just want to use an SPI camera and log images to the SD card. Is this possible using the current arduino SPI library with the autonomo.

I have done this using an arduino MEGA but this requires a special library (as mentioned in previous post).

Any help is much appreciated.


Arduino has several versions of the SPI library, and there is one for the Autonomo/SAMD platform.
During the build process, it will include the correct version based on which board you are compiling for.

The API should be compatible, however, I would not be surprised if there are some differences which
might cause problems for third party libraries.

One thing you must do is add the SPI include before the includes for any libraries which use SPI.

Hi Gabriel,
Is there a complete pin-out diagram for the autonomo?


The schema can be found here:о/schema/

It currently only has up to rev 3. The I believe the latest is rev 4b.
There have only be a few minor changes since rev 3.


What is the minimum current in sleep mode for the Autonomo, how can i reduce the current consumtion?

Hi Gabriel,
I am using the autonomo with the arduino screw shield so I was hoping there might a pin-out diagram giving the relation ship between the pin-out on the SAMD to the pin-out on the autonomo itself then to the pinout on the arduino screw shield/headers. For example, I assume that the screw shield (and headers) are pin compatible with the arduino, so SPI is on pins 11,12,13 and I2C is on A4, A5. because I am trying to use an Arducam camera (mini) with the autonomo (uses I2C and SPI) but it is not being detected. It works fine on the Arduino.

Any Help is much appreciated.