Using the realtime clock to wake up once a day (Autonomo)

I’m trying to use the RTC to wakeup my autonomo once a day to send a LoRa message, however, when using the example code made by gabriel (RTC_WakeNoISR) I get an error "H24 was nog declared in this scope). The H24 is used as a parameter for the rtc.begin function.
Is the example code outdated?
What do I need to do to wakeup my autonomo once every 24 hours with an RCT interrupt?

Yes, the library was updated a while back.

Previously you could set the clock to run in 12 or 24 hour mode. However, the 12 hr mode was messy, confusing, and error prone. Now the library only runs in 24 hour mode.

Use the alarm match value of MATCH_HHMMSS to create a once per day alarm.