Using Sodaq Sara R410 Connected by Vodafone board with other SIM cards

Hi everyone,
I have several questions:

Can this board work with non-Vodafone SIM cards (like Monogoto) and others network operators?

Is it necessary to change the R410’s firmware to do that?

Or it´s enough by setting the correct APN (AT+CGDCONT) and Operator (AT+COPS) in Universal Tracker firmware?

Thanks in advance

Dear @neka,

In the office I have monogoto simcards and they work great with the R410 board.
Our boards don’t have a verdor lock, so you don’t need to update the firmware.

This is indeed all you need to do!

You can also still use the Vodafone/AllThingsTalk dashboard with the monogoto simcard.
The data is send to a udp endpoint, just make sure you add your token in the bootupmenu.

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Thank you so much, Jan.
Best regards