Using NB-IoT Board stand alone

Hi, I am successfully using the SODAQ NB-IoT Board, receiving e.g. temperature / humidity data via the All Things Talk Platform using the example (Arduino) programs.
However, the connection is only established and data is only sent after I hook up the board to my PC, open the Arduino IDE, upload the program(s) if not yet done and activate the serial monitor. In any case, I must open the serial monitor. From that moment on, the board tarts spitting AT comments, the connection is established and the data is received.
If I take the USB from my PC, add a 5V adapter to it and put it in the electrical means, itdoes nothing. I should expect that the Arduino should reset and re-establish the connection, but it doesn’t. Resetting with the button does not help.
How can I use the board without a PC Connection ??
Herbert Schermerhorn

What board are you using the shield with and what sketch are you running?

It may be possible that it is waiting, at the start, for a USB/Serial connection to be opened.

Hi Gabriel,
Late reaction because I was not able to work on the board past weeks. But I got it working standalone (adapter). The cause was that in the main SODAQ Arduino script (ino), there is a wait routine which waits for the Serial Monitor / a serial dataflow to be established for debugging purposes.
I have taken that wait loop (and the debug statements) out with an #if defined TEST parameter. If TEST is not defined, the wait loop and all debugging are ignored. If it is defined, they are active.
With the wait loop ignored, the board starts up directly, also (only) using a adapter and works fine.
Kind regards,