Use Arduino IDE 1.6.6 for Autonomo

If you have a SODAQ Autonomo board you are advised to use the latest Arduino IDE. At this moment that is 1.6.6.

And also you must instruct the Boards Manager of Arduino IDE to use our package JSON. You do that in the Preferences menu. The URL for this is:

Hum, I’ve just installed 1.6.5r5, see my forum post and Jan-Willem’s reply in which this version was advised.
Also, see

So I’m confused now…

Sorry about the confusion. 1.6.5r5 works well, but Kees also managed to get 1.6.6 working now.
(you see we are all working very hard)

No problem. I’ll finish the install (following the instructions on the autonomo page) and will try to run the test as mentioned.

I’ll upgrade in a few days.

@maurice Sorry for adding to the confusion, but I have just updated the instruction page now.

The old instructions were to use:
Arduino IDE: 1.6.5r5
Sodaq SAMD boards: 1.6.3
Arduino SAMD boards: 1.6.1

However, today I have tested (on Windows 10) the following setup:
Arduino IDE: 1.6.5r5 or 1.6.6
Sodaq SAMD boards: 1.6.4
Arduino SAMD boards: 1.6.2

Yeah, for some reason I could not get it to work with 1.6.6. There is a new underlying tool, called arduino-builder, and it kept failing for me. But after doing a lot of testing (and deleting the whole $HOME/.arduino15 tree all the time) it turned out that 1.6.6 was OK.

With 1.6.6 you do not have to install the Arduino SAMD board package besides the SODAQ SAMD board package. So in fact, the instructions should say:

  • Arduino IDE: 1.6.5
    ** SODAQ SAMD boards: 1.6.4
    ** Arduino SAMD boards: 1.6.2

  • Arduino IDE: 1.6.6
    ** SODAQ SAMD boards: 1.6.4

And with the upcoming Arduino IDE 1.6.7 things even get better because they (the Arduino guys) solved another issue. See

Just to let you know: I’ve installed Arduino IDE 1.6.6 and added the SODAQ SAMD boards 1.6.4. I now started the Arduino IDE for the second time and noticed the following message:

Warning: platform.txt from core ‘SODAQ SAMD (32-bits ARM Cortex-M0+) Boards’ contains deprecated"{compiler.path}{}" {} {} “{build.path}/{archive_file}” “{object_file}”, automatically converted to"{compiler.path}{}" {} {} “{archive_file_path}” “{object_file}”. Consider upgrading this core.

I can not remember having seen this message after installing it yesterday evening.

When uploading the ‘blink.ino’ from the GabrielNotman test set to my Autonomo (I’ve connected the battery and the usb-cable), I got a Java-error: Cannot run program ___REMOVE___/bossac.exe

I could not find anything on the internet about this error, so I added the board ‘Arduino SAMD boards 1.6.2’.
Now I get the warning message as mentioned above twice. One for the SODAQ SAMD-board and one for the Arduino SAMD board.

I’ve uploaded the sketch again to my Autonomo and guess what? It works! The onboard led is blinking!

The warning is expected (unfortunately).

If I change our SodaqCore then it will not work with Arduino IDE 1.6.5 or older. So for now it is a warning we have to live with.

To be honest the change in Arduino IDE that gives this warning was a bad choice. They should have done it in such a way that migrating would not break older versions. But hey, it’s Open Source and we like it. However it comes with a price, be it a an acceptable price. :smile:

Ok, I understand. No worries.
On the open source part: I’ve seen other ‘strange’ things happen with the Arduino IDE, like the com-port changes every once and a while. And where at first it was reported as ‘Autonomo’ on COM5, it now says ‘Arduino Zero’ on COM4 or COM5. Or it fails to connect when uploading (another java error). It seems to happen when I open a new Arduino window.
No problems there though, as I just have to re-upload the same sketch and than it works. Same with the com-port. Just have to restart Arduino IDE and it works.

I’m on a old Sony laptop (about 4 years) right now using Windows 10.