USB device not recognized - 2 LoraOne Boards on 2 PC

"USB device not recognized - "
1 LoraOne Board Version 2
1 LoraOne Board Version 3
(1 LoraOne Board Version 2 is running)

One PC WIN 8 and one PC with WIN 10.
I push the reset Button twice and clear als USB-Controller Devices. Nothing helps. Even Search for solutions like this:
“USB-Gerät wurde nicht erkannt”

What can i also do ?


Only the Sodaq One V3 has a reset button.
The V1 and V2 have a user programmable button.
On the V1 and V2 you need to use the base board with reset button or wire the reset pin with a wire to ground twice.

In the device manager you can see if the reset worked. You have a different com port when you are in bootloader mode.

If you have an Atmel ICE you can also burn the boatloader again.

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