Update Boards Manager 1.6.14


There is a new version of the Boards Manager files for our SAMD boards, version 1.6.14

It took much longer to release this version for a lot of reasons. The most important reason was that we wanted to synchronize with the released versions of ArduinoCore. Today, they are at 1.6.14 and so are we. The difference with ArduinoCore is mainly the addition of our own boards, and a few changes in the core that we consider important for our purposes. The source code is available in our GitHub https://github.com/SodaqMoja/SodaqCore-samd

If you use Arduino IDE be sure you have the following URL in the preference Additional Boards Manager URLs http://downloads.sodaq.net/package_sodaq_samd_index.json and then go to Boards Manager and select “SODAQ SAMD Boards” version 1.6.14

We support the following boards:

  • Sodaq ONE
  • ExpLoRer
  • Autonomo
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