Universal tracker with own database


I’m currently using the SARA AFF R410M with Vodafone nb-iot with the AllThingsTalk platform. This works great, but since I want to use the data in my own application I was wondering if there is a way to send the data to my own database. Whether this is directly from the application or forwarded from ATT doesn’t matter.

Thanks in advance!


Hi @ThitCho,

The board isn’t locked to Vodafone or AllThingsTalk.
You can load other software to send your data to your own platform.
We have on GitHub Tracker software which has a menu where you can set any server.

If you got the Vodafone SIM from us, then the data can only be send to AllThingsTalk.
For these SIMs the ublox echo server and allthingstalk server are the only servers whitelisted.

Best regards,