Universal Tracker to connect SODAQ SARA SFF to Monogoto and Ubidots

I’m working on the universal tracker software to send the data from the SODAQ SARA SFF via Monogoto to Ubidots.

I’m a bit puzzled about where to edit the tracker software to connect it to Ubidots, any help would be appreciated.

The UDP message sent to Ubidots contains 3 variables: device name, Ubidots token & device ID. It looks like this:

<device-name>|POST|<Ubidots Token>|<device ID>=>temperature:21|end

The AT Command then becomes:

AT+USOST=0,"",9012,82,"<device-name>|POST|<Ubidots Token>|<device ID>=>temperature:21|end"

Hi Laurens,

In the .ino in the function transmit() the buffer is created.
Currently the buffer is created based on the Cayenne LPP or SODAQ Binary buffer.
You can replace these with your own buffer creation which then will be passed on to the module library you selected in the bootmenu.

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