Universal Tracker Rejoin OTAA

We are running a few Sodaq One boards with the latest Universal Tracker software on it.
But we want to move it to a different LoRaWAN Network it’s currently joined to TTN v3 Using OTAA.
We already filled in the OTAA keys in the new network but is there any way to let the device join to the new network without physical having to visit and reboot the device.

Hi @terminatorned,

I don’t believe this is possible with the current software.
When you are at the device you might also need to open the terminal and send the reset command to the device to remove the joined keys and counter to force a rejoin.

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Hi thanks for the response unfortunately we can not send a rejoin command by a downlink.

One more question we see that some devices running the latest code (universal tracker) with adr disabled and sf fixed on 7 wil slowly increase the sf to 12 over time. ?

Hi @terminatorned,

Which network provider do you use?
I have seen in the past that some network providers do not honor the disabled adaptive datarate and send the prefered spreadingsfactor the module.

You could write some code to always set the spreadingsfactor to your settings before sending a message when adr is disabled to have a work around for this issue.

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We are using it on TTNv3 so I don’t now if it has compatibility issues with this network.
How can we force the ADR in the code so it always stays on SF7 ?

Hi @terminatorned,

In LoRaHelper.cpp you can should go to line 207:

uint16_t port = overrideLoRaPort > -1 ? overrideLoRaPort : _defaultLoRaPort;

and add the lines:

if (!_isAdrOn) {

This will set the SF before each transmit.

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