Unable to upload sketch to Sara AFF 412M

I just bought two Sodaq Sara R412M AFF boards. I’m trying to upload the pass thru sketch, but aren’t able to connect to the board.
The USB installation went fine, it found Qualcomm and in the device manager it says: Qualcomm HS-USB MDM Diagnostics 90B2 (COM34)
I have tried with battery connected and double clicking the reset button, but nothing works. This is the same on both boards.
Any suggestion on what is wrong?

Hi @Kristofer,

Small chance this is the case, but it has happened to me too. Make sure you use the USB port next to the sim card holder and NOT the one next to the GPS module. The latter is a USB interface to the R412M.


Thank you so much. I almost feel stupid now, it works with the RIGHT USB port :blush:

I’ve been hitting myself in the head after figuring that out myself too. Have fun! :wink: