Unable to update the SARA R412M firmware

I have SODAQ SARA R412M Board and we are using DU NBIOT sim . I tried updating the firmware, but unable to update it. Every time it is showing same message of unable to connect to the board. I followed the instruction carefully for the updating firmware.

Also, when I give AT command of AT+UANTR=0 result is showing as “+UANTR: 0,-1”. It shows that the antenna is open circuited. But we know that sim is working fine.

Please guide us to resolve these two problems ASAP.

Hi Priti,

Could you share me your setup? A picture is worth a thousand words.



Below is the setup as per requirement. Sorry for the late reply.

Mr. 7md.alshehhi is working with us.

Hi @7md.alshehhi and @Priti ,

Please send a new email to support at sodaq dot com to get the latest firmware.
We recently got a new EasyFlash tool and new firmware for the R4 series.

Did you make sure the software on the board is not conflicting with the update tool?
Flash an empty sketch to the board or double press the reset button to put the board in bootloader

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Hi Mr @Jan

I received the new EasyFlash tool and the firmware from from the support at sodaq.com but unfortunately I still have the same problem.

I can see the board on the device manager but when I run the EasyFlash tool it keeps telling me " waiting for the device…"

With regards

Hamad Alshehhi

Hi @7md.alshehhi

I can sometimes a bit hard to het the EasyFlash tool working for the first time.

I see in both your images you use a different USB port
This is the correct one.

Check if there are no updated in Windows Update, sometimes you find here the modem/Qualcomm driver. Reboot after installation.

If the board is connected can you send AT commando’s to the USB port? There are two COM ports connected tot the modem USB port. Only one will accept AT commands.

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Hi mr. @Jan

Windows shows that the device driver for Qualcomm is up to date. I double pressed the reset button and got a blue light. I rebooted my PC. My charged battery is connected to the board and I launch Easyflash as Admin. The USB is connected to the correct slot on the board labelled ‘USB Sara Module’. There are blue & yellow lights on the board. I choose the SARA-R4 product in Easyflash and the USB Port. But still after all of that it shows me waiting for devices.

Any Further Steps that I can try?


It sounds like you do everything correct.
You can contact our webshop to see if you can swap the device for another one with the latest firmware.

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