Transmitting packets without being connected to a network

I am living in the United States, where I am aware there is no NB-IoT coverage. I would like to capture NB-IoT packets that are transmitted from this shield as part of a research project.

I am using the NB-IoT Shield DeLuxe (N201, Band 5).

Is there a way I can do that with the current shield or is that not possible? Do I need a SIM card or is there some workaround where I can get the shield to just send arbitrary packets.

I want to note that I intend to transmit the packets along a wire and capture them using a software defined radio. I will not be transmitting them over the air, so there is no legal issue of transmitting on a non-ISM band.

Dear Justin,

Sorry this is unfortunately not possible. The NB-IoT protocol dictates that you first need to have an active connection with the network before you can start sending data.
There is no way around this. Not with the uBlox modules, nor with any other nb-iot chip on the market.

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Are you aware of any ‘hacks’ or workarounds to achieve this?

I mean is there a way to hack the protocol to send packets without being connected to the network?

Presumably the chip is physically capable of generating NB IoT packets even without being connected to the network.

Hi Justin,

I am not aware of any hacks or workarounds.

The transmitting chip can generate any package you like. However this chip is inside the ublox module.
This module only accepts certain commands.

You can contact ubox in your country to ask them if they have firmware for you or if they want to modify it for you.

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