Temperature sensor has (huge) offset?

I have two NB-IoT de Luxe shields. The temperature sensors of both boards seem to have an offset. The reading I get is around 27 [oC] while the environmental temperature is around 21[oC]. Is there an explanation for this (huge) offset?


I had same issue with both of my two NB-IoT boards. I guess it might be caused by the board’s Temperature itself. So, the onboard sensor I guess is taking up the board’s temperature coming from other components… That is my understanding, but I do not know it for sure…

Since then, I am trying to plug an EXTERNAL Temperature/Humidity sensor into the boards, such as the standard DHT11, so that, it will avoid to reach senseless degrees. However, I did not manage to make it works yet because I am not sure how to modify it into the code.

Let me know any idea, please