[survey] about the range

I was wondering what’s your experience about the range of the sodaq one.

In my case (industial area) it was just 20 meter.
What’s yours?

Have been trying two weeks to get a signal from it, no luck so far

I got to around 200 m. from a gateway, then the signal gets to -120dB and dies. I intended to use it as a GPS locator for a bike, and the way it performs now is insufficient because the range is too short to have coverage in and around a city.

I compared the signal strength as reported by the gateway with the signal from a Uno with Dragino LoRaWAN shield as I do not have the equipment to measure the signal directly. The One signal is around 15 dB (30x) weaker than the Dragino which is a lot. I reported this to Sodaq and they would set up some tests to see if they could replicate it. I haven’t heard back from them yet. But I would be very interested in hearing experiences from other people, especially if you have another LoRaWAN device you can compare it to. That would definitely help in establishing if it is just my device or a more common problem with the One.

I have a Lorank 8 gateway, with an antenna mounted on the top of my house. It’s not so very high, I estimate about 10 meters above groundlevel, and surrounded by taller buildings, but still I get about 1.5 km range out of the Sodag One.

It does seem, however, that the reception is much better stationary than moving (in a car in my case).

Hi all,

I did some simple comparison experiments.
I have 3 nodes,
node 1: Teensy LC with RFM92W and piece of wire as antenna
node 2: Teensy LC with RFM92W and cable, plug and half wave antenna
node 3: Sodaq One with simple antenna delivered with it

I have a Raspberry Pi with RFM92W configured as packet forwarder. The nodes were in the same room at approximately the same distance (7 m).
These were the received signal strength:
node 1: -56 to -58 dB
node 2: -70 to -74 dB
node 3: -76 to -84 dB
I was a bit surprised about the results. But it explains why I only have good results with node 1.
Since I want to put the Sodaq One in a small box with external antenna, I ordered a quarter wave antenna with cable from Sodaq. I replaced the old antenna with this one.
The result was nice: -59 dB.
This means my Soday One is working very well, but the wire antenna is not so good.

These figures are only indications of course.


I am also having trouble getting a good range from my Sodaq compared to Teensy+RFM.
Thank you for posting your observations, I also suspected that the antenna that comes with the Sodaq is not so good. That or the output power or maybe even the spread factor.