SOLVED: Autonomo: does the grove shield has a uart connector?

I’ve got an autonomo with grove shield.
Recently I was given a second hand Grove uart wifi (for free). Can I connect this to my autonomo to receive data (which connector on the grove shield?), or do I have to have a Bee to do this?


The UART labelled Serial is connected to the D0/D1 socket on the Autonomo Grove Shield. (RX = D0, TX = D1)

If you are using any of the variant boards with the additional UARTs, these are also connected as follows:
Serial2: RX = D6, TX = D7 (Available on the Autonomo Grove Shield)
Serial3: RX = D12, TX = D13 (Not available on the Autonomo Grove Shield)

The RX/TX pins of Serial1 are connected to the Bee socket, these are not connected to any of the other headers.

Thank you for your response. I was not sure. I got the kickstarter version, so I guess D0/D1 is the one I have.

By “variant boards” I was referring to the selectable boards available in the Arduino IDE. Depending on your selection, either Serial2 or Serial3 should also be available. This is not a hardware change, just a change in the pin mappings as specified to Arduino (to enable these additional UARTs).


I have an Autonomo board and would like to connect the following to it:

  • 2x I2C device
  • 1x SPI device
  • 3x UART device
  • 2x PWM device

Am I able to use all these devices with Autonomo? Since I need 3 UARTs I need to use Serial, Serial2 and Serial3. But aren’t Serial2 pins used for SPI as well (SPI1 - D5: MISO, D6: CS1, D7: MOSI, D8: SCK)? When I remap these pins to be UART can I use them (or some other pins) for SPI?

Edit: One UART device can also use PWM (0-3V) so I could theoretically live with one serial less.