Sodaq's stop interfacing with DS18B20

I have an issue with an IOT project covering the city of Enschede. I have six Sodaq Ones gathering temperature data using the DS18B20 digital temperature sensor. I use a 4.7k pull-up resistor as is indicated and connected it to 3.3v. The system worked fine, but now they are starting to read -127 and are completely unable to communicate with the DS18B20 sensors. I have tried connecting different temperature sensors (hijacking still working nodes’ sensors) without avail. Once a Sodaq stops communicating with the sensor, it is incapable of reconnecting.

Things I tried:
Checked the connection of the sensor
Checked the sensor
Checked battery voltage (it’s 4.3v)
Checked the software (even the most basic version does not work)
Checked other boards (sensor works)
Switched pins
Switched libraries

This is the second batch of sensor nodes I have created, the first batch used the Sodaq One revision 2. This has been running the same basic code for the past year and a half without ever losing a beat. But having switched to revision 3; the whole thing is unstable. Three sensor nodes have stopped being able to interface with the temperature sensor (they have not lost power, they are still sending the data over LoRa)

The only change I have made is using the integrated solar charging circuit instead of having created my own. It is possible that this does not have overcharging protection? The sun has been very bright the past days. Could this break the Sodaq’s internal logic? It might also have been the heat, but one Sodaq broke after having brought the sensor nodes back in to a airconditioned environment. So these things might not be the culprit at all.

I’d appreciate new ideas, I can’t think of anything new to try.

The changes between the v2 and v3 should not have any effect on the operation of One-Wire sensors.

Are you using One-Wire emulation over a GPIO pin or are using a One-Wire driver board?
Is there any chance that the library has been modified or updated since you deployed the v2 boards?

Could you provide a simple wiring diagram or description of how you have connected the DS18B20 pins to the SodaqONE?

The integrated charging circuit (solar and USB) will control the charge rate and voltage applied to the LiPo battery. It is designed for that purpose, however, the capacity of the LiPo might be important here. What size LiPo are you using?