SodaqONE with better antenna

I heard that you will ship the devices from the Kickstarter campain with an improved active antenna 25x25mm

It would be very customer friendly if you send all BETA device buyers also an better one.

thanks for your update :wink:

Hi Urs, as far as I know an active antenna is not supported on the BETA devices …

now it’s clear why the BETA has such a bad, bad GPS fetching time. see
it seems that some stupid guys (including me) spent a lot of money for an unfinished product, which is now cheaper and better equipped at kickstarter.
only disappointed and :rage:

Is it not supported because it is active?
Would a passive 25x25mm antenna work significantly better than the current 16x6mm?

I believe the active antenna is powered via the U.FL connector.
This requires some additional circuitry to supply that power.

Unfortunately there is still no official comment from SODAQ on this issue

Thank you for your reply. I’ll test a passive larger antenna than.

I’ve also sent an email to SODAQ about this issue of the beta devices not getting a GPS lock and am waiting on a response.

I still don’t understand why you guys are not getting a lock, I have to admit it will take sometime to get a lock indoors, but I will get a lock.