SodaqONE with 1.8 Tracking Software doesn't come up with config menu

Is there someONE out there recognizing the following?

My brand new Kickstarter SodaqONE isn’t presenting the config menu as described here and here

So what’s going on? Well after booting it’s quite immediately presenting this result

That’s not good, because within 2 seconds, the USB connection is disabled right away. So how do I enter any configuration command? I tried to enter a config menu item within these 2 seconds, and there are not picked up by the software. So, the time slot isn’t what it ought to be (30 second) but even give the small slot I’ll encounter it’s not working.

I installed the Tracking software (version 1.8) over and over again. Unfortunately the same results persistently.

I obviously will make a very stupid mistake somewhere. I’ve read the different pieces of information over and over again, without any result. I’ve checked another board, with the same results. What’s going wrong, what am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot,


No, I haven’t. Have you edited the code and accidently (…) modified the BOOT_MENU_TIMEOUT? Or… do you have a ‘stuck key’ on your keyboard? (I think it stops reading after 250 times ‘enter’).

Anyway, in order to set default values I added some ‘execCommand’ statements in BootMenu.cpp. Doing the same will at least allow you to set the values and try the board…

My code:

void showBootMenu(Stream& stream)
  char buffer[200 + 1];
  int size;
  uint32_t ts_max = millis() + BOOT_MENU_TIMEOUT;
  bool needPrompt;
  bool seenCommand;
  uint8_t nrPrompts;

  needPrompt = true;
  nrPrompts = 0;


Maybe that will at least help you enjoy the board;-)

Thanks a lot Harm. The code I was deploying is the plain vanilla one. So neighter intentionally nor accidentially, there is a code change regarding BOOT_MENU_TIMEOUT. And my PC doesn’t have sticky keys. So what’s going stays weird.

Nevertheless, the code changes you gave were exactly what I was looking for. This workaround was what I needed to get rid of the blocking config menu. This works right now and makes me getting the board and Tracking software running.

If there is a need for some more debugging around the original issu, I would be happy assisting in that. Maybe I’m the only one and might it be a combination of Windows10, with Arduino IDE 1.6.9 and some bad wheather:confused: