SodaqOne GPS example "No fix"

Hello there,

I am trying to run the GPS sketch on learn.sodaq. My hardware is sodaq-one-eu-rn2483-v3 which includes a GPS Antenna and a Molex antenna.
I am very much a newbie, so I have no idea where to start debugging. Actually, I don’t even know how to make sure the antenna is working.
Would anyone kindly help me through this?

The serial output a repetition of this:

SODAQ LoRaONE test_gps is starting ...
delay ... 0ms
waiting for fix ..., timeout=900000ms
No Fix
delay ... 60000ms

I haven’t tried that specific example, but the
This has GPS as well. Maybe try that, it works for my sodaq one.

Hi @Deniz_Danaie,

GPS usually only works outdoor, indoor doesn’t always work.
You can try next to a window.

@cyclops1982 thanks for pointing out the tracker software.
This software can search for a GPS position and send it over the lorawan network
On this page we explain the correct version you should use:

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Thank you for your reply. The thing is I only needed GPS scan data. And the universal tracker is quite a big program for my purpose use.

Thanks a lot for your reply. I actually took your advice and took my laptop and board to the balcony, and after a cold start, it fixed the location. I used another example, though; the quick example in the readme file of Sodaq_UBlox_GPS repository.
That’s a bit strange why it doesn’t work indoors, though. My desk is next to the balcony window.

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