SodaqCore-samd v1.8.6

Hi everyone,

We released the stable version of the SodaqCore-samd v1.8.6
It’s available on GitHub and from the Arduino IDEs Boards Manager.

Updated to be compatible to a newer version of the ArduinoCore-samd
Updated the Boards list, these are now on alphabetic order.
Update the names for the SODAQ SARA and SODAQ SFF to SODAQ SARA AFF and SODAQ SARA SFF.

For the full changelog see our GitHub repository.

Best regards,

I am using PlatformIO for SODAQ development. It seems that the SODAQ-SFF Board files im PlatformIO are from 2019. How can I use the new library version with PlatformIO?

Hi matthias,

A volunteer not associated with Sodaq has done this some time ago.

We’ve reached out to PIO for a concise step-by-step set of instructions how to do this ourselves, but haven’t heard back. As such we’ve frozen this process and decided to not support PIO at this time.