Sodaq sara SFF Universal Tracker

Hi. In the SODAQ Small Form Factor (SFF) documentation is is statet at the bottom that:
β€œIn the latest update we made the SODAQ Universal Tracker ready for the SODAQ SARA SFF.”
But I cant find any files or sketches with a Universal Tracker for the Sodaq Sara SFF anywhere. Could You please provide a link for this Universal tracker software that can be used on the Sara SFF board ?

Earlier I have been using the universal tracker software on a Sodaq One board over LoRa. It was a realy nice software. But now I would like to use it on the Sara SFF to connect over NB-Iot.

Hi @audun,

We are doing the last checks on the SFF Tracker software.
We are aiming to put it online next week.

Best regards,

Thank You, that will be very nice. I live in Norway, and will be using it in Telenor NB-Iot network. I will give a feedback for how it works with Telenor.

Is there any news about the Universal Tracker for the SARA SFF boards ?

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