Sodaq Sara N211 Vodafone UK

I’ve got a Sodaq Sara N211 with Vodafone SIM which I’m trying to connect in the UK in Harrow, near Watford. I’m using the factory reset code for N2X provided by Vodafone, with the following settings:

Telco (tmobile=0, vodafone=1) (tlc=): 1
Upload Interval (min) (sri=): 1
GPS Fix Timeout (sec) (gft=): 120
Minimum sat count (sat=): 6
APN (apn=): nb.inetd.gdsp
Force Operator (opr=): 23415
Server URL/IP or CDP (url=):
Server port (prt=): 8891
UDP/COAP (coap=0, udp=1) (udp=): 1
NB-IoT Band (8 or 20) (bnd=): 20
Send ATT header (OFF=0 / ON=1) (ahd=): 1
All Things Talk Token (att=): XXXX
Payload type (0=cbor, 1=hex, 2=json) (pld=): 0
Temperature offset (tof=): 0
GPS (OFF=0 / ON=1) (gps=): 1
Debug (OFF=0 / ON=1) (dbg=): 1

On-the-move Functionality
Acceleration% (100% = 8g) (acc=): 25
Acceleration Duration (acd=): 0
Back-off time (sec) (bot=): 10

However my device never connects, and the LED just stays blue.

If anyone has any suggestions how to get it connected, please let me know!

Many thanks