Sodaq SARA-AFF-R410M Vodafone UK no connection


I am very new to cellular comms for so apologies for my naivety.

I have recently purchased the SARA-AFF-R410M board bundled with a Vodafone sim, but am struggling to get a connection. I’m based in the UK, and am assuming that Vodafone have rolled out NB-IoT but I can’t get any information out of Vodafone to confirm or deny.

So firstly, can anybody tell me whether Vodafone have rolled out NB-IoT across the UK (specifically England) yet?

And if so, then has anybody had any luck getting the board to connect using the default firmware it is shipped with?
The serial output gives me:
AT timed out (5 times)
+URAT : 8
+CGDCONT : 1,“IP”,“nb.inetd.gdsp”,“”,0,0,0,0
Then +CGATT: 0 periodically for 5 mins before repeating.
I’m wondering if some default settings are incorrect for the UK, or have changed since release?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @123aaron ,

There should be coverage in England.
Maybe your city doesn’t have coverage yet. Are you able to try in a different city to connect to the Vodafone network?

@DanielLewis where were you in England able to connect to the Vodafone network?

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Hi Jan,

Yes, so far i have managed to connect to the Vodafone NB1 netwrok in London (Bexley, Watford and Croydon)

(opr=): 23415

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Thanks Dan,

@123aaron does your board connect when you force the operator to 23415?

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the responses.
I am based in Huddersfield/between Leeds and Manchester/West Yorkshire.

It seems that my default opr is 20404, not 23415.
@Jan are there any updated firmware which have the default opr as 23415, or am I going to need to wipe the board and start from scratch?

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Hi Aaron,

The device has a boot-menu where settings like operator can be updated.

Connect the device over USB to a pc.
Open a serial monitor.
The menu will load, you have 30 seconds for every command.

When the 30 sec timer will timeout, the settings will be saved and the program will start.

If your pc doesn’t recognize the device, install the boardfiles to also install the drivers.

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Hi Jan,

I managed to change the ‘opr’ with no problems. But unfortunately I am still seeing no connection.

Do you know if (tlc=) should be 1 or 2, vf-n or vf-m?

Or have I missed a step, and need to activate the sim with vodafone first?


Hi Aaron,
All Things Talk Token (att=): ********* //printed on simcard holder
APN (apn=): nb.inetd.gdsp
Force Operator (opr=): 23415
CID (cid=): 1
APN user (apnu=):
APN password (apnp=):
Band (bnd=): 20
Target IP (ip=):
Target port (prt=): 8891
Response Timeout (rxto=): 50

This works for me, input the settings above then try AT+CSQ to test the signal strength. If you keep getting 99,99 then you may not have NB-IOT coverage.

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Hi, Vodafone are rolling out NB-IoT in the UK, but coverage is mostly in the West of England and is slowly moving eastwards, so it maybe that you do not have coverage yet in your location.
The last coverage map I saw, Huddersfield did not have coverage. However Manchester did. Are you able to travel to Manchester and test there?

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