SODAQ ONEv3 - Connecting to private gateways

I’ve been using the SODAQ ONE on a test gateway that’s in public LoRaWAN mode but would like to use it on infrastructure configured in private mode. Looking at the configuration screen that comes with the universal tracker code I can’t see a way to change it. I’m not sure how easy this would be to implement or of anyone else knows of any code changes I could make that would do the job?

Looking at the datasheet for the Microchip radio the command to change sync word is “radio set sync XX” where XX is either 34 for public or 12 for private. After spending many hours looking through the sketch for universal tracker I’ve decided it’s well above my head! :grin:

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated!


For info, managed to get around this by adding ‘mac set sync 12’ to the OTAA/ABP join sequence.

Hi @wrm,

Thanks for the info.

I have made a note to see if we want to support this feature in the next version of the Sodaq_Universal_Tracker.

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I need to connect sodaq one with tracker v3.0 to loraserver, if it makes the connection but does not send anything, I see that loraserver does not use “APPEUI”, but if I leave that value at 0s it does not make the connection

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Hi @cero_carburador,

We indeed check if the string is not all 0s.

bool LoRaHelper::joinOtaa()
uint8_t devEui[8];
uint8_t appEui[8];
uint8_t appKey[16];

bool allParametersValid = convertAndCheckHexArray((uint8_t*)devEui, _devAddrOrEUI, sizeof(devEui))
    && convertAndCheckHexArray((uint8_t*)appEui, _appSKeyOrEUI, sizeof(appEui))
    && convertAndCheckHexArray((uint8_t*)appKey, _nwSKeyOrAppKey, sizeof(appKey));

// check the parameters first
if (!allParametersValid) {
    debugPrintln("The parameters for LoRa are not valid. LoRa cannot be enabled.");
    return false;

return _rn2483->initOTA(devEui, appEui, appKey, _isAdrOn);

You can remove the check on the appEUI to let it continue.

I made a note to see if we need to remove the check on the appEUI in a next version.

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I am using sodaqone with rn2903, to connect I need to disable “ADR”, how can I do to send “ADR”? Can I remove the battery and Timestamp voltage transmission, so I can send the device address?