Sodaq One with ESP-01 Wifi


i have a location where there is a lan with wifi. but most of the time no internet.
most traffic will simply wait until there is internet(when someone is there with a hotspot turned on)
but it would be nice to have some basisc data send (and receive) over Lora
2 bytes from time to time would be enough.

to archive this i want a mqtt topic for sending lora.
the easyest way to do this is add wifi (or ethernet) to the One.
i have some spare ESP-01’s laying around here. if i am correct they can act as a wifi shield for an arduino.
the question is… can this be done with the One as well and does someone has experience with this?

another solution will be serial communication but then i am not that flexible with placing the One.

any help or advise would be welcome.

ps the One is a V2