Sodaq One V3 - Lora Message without LoRaWan usage

I would like to use the Universal tracker V3 for Sodaq One script to sent latitude and longitude to a computer that has no internet connection.

I have a Kerlink wirnet istation and the gateway will receive the message and will forward it with MQTT to the database on that computer. So there is no internet connection and i only want the messages from the GPS tracker in that PC and no usage of LoraWAN.

Please help me with this, i understand i could do something with RN2483 with mac pause but it is new for me and i don’t understand how to change the whole script.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Ries,

I understand you want to run everything locally without using the internet.
Why do you not want to use LoRaWAN?

You have a sender, the RN2483. It can send LoRa and LoRaWAN.
You have a LoRaWAN receiver, the kerlink gateway.
I believe the gateway doesn’t support LoRa by default.
Do you have a LoRa capable receiver?

From experience LoRa peer-to-peer has a higher failure rate then LoRaWAN.
Students tested a peer-to-peer with the RN2483 on a Explorer board
LoRa peer-to-peer - SODAQ Support pages

The gateway can forward the data to any LoRaWAN server, also a local server.
From the LoRaWAN server you can forward the data with MQTT to your database.
Have you looked into settings up your own LoRaWAN server?
ChirpStack open-source LoRaWAN® Network Server

Best regards,

Dear Jan,

Thanks for your reply.

Yes i have 3 Gateways, 1 Kerlink, 2x Dragino DLS08,

the Kerlink is already capable of forwarding the messages to MQTT so no extra LoRaWan server is required (SPN integrated software from Kerlink is doing that)

From my experience LoRa is faster then LoRaWAN because no joining operation is required, no handchake or ACK and sendpackets could be much smaller (and i consider the legal sent time etc)

Yes i also saw the peer-to-peer explorer but this code is not working on the Sodaq One (i changed serial2 to serial1) but i don;t get it working.

I would like to have the Universal tracker sketch with LoRa (P2P) and it is possible to have the sketch quicker then 1 minute interval of sending? I saw the same question in the forum and it was telling to place the GPSfixandtransmit function somewhere but i don’t understand where and also to change the Sodaq_WDT time to 8 sec or something but all the comments are not clear…

Please help. Thanks in advance.

Dear Ries,

The Explorer example is currently the only peer-to-peer example we have.

For LoRaWAN no join is required, you can send data via ABP.
When you do a LoRaWAN join, this is only required the with first message.

The sleep timers have a limit to once a minute.
You can also wake the board and do stuff on the Sodaq_WDT timer, this can be set to multiple settings, where 8 seconds is the largest timer.

I guess that your application does not need to be low power.
You can look into removing the timers. Leave the Sodaq_WDT for when your application gets stuck.
You can just call the function to send data from the loop() and wait/check the rtc time if a need message should be send.

Best regards,