Sodaq One CayenneLPP Change Sensor Title

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I hava question about Sodaq One and CayenneLPP. I have managed to connect a number of my own sensor to a Sodaq One board (Potentiometer, LDR etc.) I used the CayenneLPP functions to add the values of these sensors to my message (which I send to TTN). Now when I look in TTN, I see a JSON file with my sensor data:

“analog_in_2”: 5.55,
“analog_in_3”: 195.64,
“luminosity_1”: 839,
“temperature_4”: 19

Now I was wondering if it is possible to change the title of the values, for example instead of “analog_in_2”, it could be “LDR_value”. Does anyone know where I could change these titles?

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @BrandonOne,

CayenneLPP works with sensorType, SensorId and the actual payload.
TTN shows it as an JSON to make it readable, you don’t send JSON with the SODAQ One.

You can learn more about Cayenne LPP here:

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