Sodaq One + BLE Shield - code crashing with battery but not USB

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I have a program I have written which reads some data from sensors, goes to sleep and then repeats.
I have had it running fine for over 12 hours when the USB cable is connected to my laptop however I am unable to keep the program running for more than 2 cycles (10 min) without it crashing!!

Not easy to debug :frowning:

At the moment the only thing I can think of is that it has something to do with when I put everything to sleep however I dont understand why this would be different when connected to USB versus battery power.

Anyone have any thoughts ?



You can use Serial instead of SerialUSB to debug.
Connect Rx/Tx on pins 12/13 and ground to a serial to uart converter.

Hope this helps you find your issue.

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Thanks Jan,

Do you think its possible there is some sort of “power” related issue when running on battery ? I cant believe how reproducible this is. Connect to USB and watch debug output and it works great. Run off battery and experience problems … often with the Lora Send part using the Sodaq_RN2483 library.

Regarding debugging from pins 12/13 I believe these are already taken by the BLE Shield…


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Well for the moment it seems like it is exactly that … but actually due to the fact that I had my multi-meter plugged in the middle to monitor current use… go figure!! Susprised as we are not talking about large current usages here.

Dont know if this statement is true…

If your DMM is of auto-ranging type, never use it for measurement of current in a low-voltage environment. The auto-ranging DMM will change the measuring resistor (shunt) value in-flight, which will add a varying voltage drop affecting your circuit power supply.

I am using a Bryman BM869s.