Sodaq one Antenna


Forgot to order antennas when i did order the board so now im about to do a complementary order.

So im wondering which antenna to choose beacuse when i talked to the peolpe that had done some testing of the local Lorawan net that the antenna had quite big importance of how good coverage that the sensor will have.

I have no requirement that the antenna must be built in.

For example will this fit Sodaq One and perform best?

Regards Håkan

Hi Hakan,

I can’t really answer which one is best but I can say that the Molex flexible antenna has been performing extraordinarily good! It was a real surprise to see our SodaqOnes doing OTAA while indoors, at 7Km distance with no Line of Sight. Plus they fit nicely and tightly in our watertight boxes.

Oh that was impressive performance i must say!

Thanks for the info!

Behold the visualization of our last hike tour with SodaqOne on our backpacks :slight_smile: