SODAQ ONE accelerometer waking from deep sleep

I am using the trick to keep enable the alternative clock so that my accelerometer interrupt wakes from sleep but I really want to put the device into deep sleep. I understand this is because you use a FALLING interrupt. Therefore I experimented changing the type to CHANGE but this did not work.

In short my question is: Is there any way to go to deep sleep and have the device wake up on accelerometer interrupts?

I should say thie is a SODAQ ONE

Hi Jonathan,

Do you use a SODAQ ONE V1 or V2?
And did you update the board files to 1.6.12 ? in 1.6.12 we have made a fix for the V2 accelerometer.
The boards url has changed to:


I will download this one

How does this affect the accelerometer , does it allow me to use the normal deep sleep and also wake on the falling interrupt; or do I have to implement more code changes?

The default Arduino Core does not keep the EIC clock running when entering deep sleep. This means that any change interrupt will not be detected correctly (CHANGE, RISING or FALLING). HIGH or LOW can still be detected without an active clock.

There isn’t really any possibility of detecting change interrupts without an active clock signal. However, in the example I provide it is the XOSC32K which is kept active. This isn’t very expensive with regards to power.

ok , that is clear.

With the accelerometer on the ONE is there any way of getting it to generate a HIGH or LOW on a specific movement? I dont need to know much ; only that a movement has occurred but It won’t happen often so I would like to put it into deep sleep somehow.

Hi Jonathan, did you manage to get this working? If yes, do you mind to share some hints ;)?

I do want something similar.