SODAQ ONE 3D Print case?

For the Things Uno a 3d printed case is available.

Anyone here capable of creating a 3D printable case (or has already made one) like this for our SODAQ ONE?

If you’re in a hurry, I can’t help. If there is some time, I’m in the position to arrange student capacity in the Fablab Ede. It’s on my own wishlist to design a case for a connected bike project. And designing 2 different ones would be quite easy.

Please provide me with some specs and I’ll look around to arrange a good 3D modeller during christmas holidays. Net result can be printed in Fablabs, 3DHubs or a high end 3D Print supplier like Oceanz, Sculpteo or Materialise, to name a few.

Hello Manfred, no real hurry with this.

So what i would like to have is a nice case for the SODAQ ONE including its base.
Also good would be to be able to fit the battery in it and the GPS antenna. To make it all complete the solar panel should be fit-table in some way as well.

Is this possible?

Please check here for a STEP file:

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Thanks Jan Willem that saves me a lot of time :slight_smile:

I designed a very simple one that fits the one and the gps module

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