Sodaq NB-IoT Shield Interruption

Hi there!

I’m using the Sodaq NB-IoT deluxe Shield on an Arduino Leonardo.

I’m trying to send an NB-IoT message inside an interruption process in arduino.
But it seems that everythings runs ok until reaching the command “nbiot.sendMessage(message);”.
Once it reaches this the board completely stales.

The interruption is defined for the pin 2 as this attachInterrupt( 1, interruption, HIGH);"

Any ideas why this can he happening?

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Are you sure the ISR is called?
You can go to the nbiot library and commend out //DEBUG te get more nbiot debug information.

More information about the interrupts can be found here:
It seems that HIGH is maybe not a valid option, you could change it to RISING.

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Thanks Jan for your quick repy.

I changed High to Rising but still the board stales right at the nbiot.sendMessage(message);

Ill keep trying.


Did you enable the nbiot debug?
Hopefully it will give you some indication on what command the program stales.

It can take some time to send a message.

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