Sodaq Mbili with Grove Serial Bluetooth v3.0

Hi everybody,

My friend and me are trying to have fun and learn about Arduino and LoRa connectivity with the Sodaq device.
We took a Mbili board with few grove components and we are happy with them.
This morning we wanted to connect the Grove Serial Bluetooth and a Led to the Mbili for trying to switch the Led on/off by bluetooth of the phone, unfortunately we didn’t get so far.
We checked this reference link
And also used the relative files on GitHub but we couldn’t even discover or connect the BLE chip with the phone …

First question:
the BLE has to be connected with the serial port or a digital one?

Second question;
Regarding the connectors, we use the pin 4 and 5 on the Mbili and wrote the code as shown;

Any help would be super appreciate.
Thanks in advance for the support!


You should use one of the available hardware serials. There are two available, Serial & Serial1. Serial uses pins 0/1 and Serial1 uses 37/36 (connected to the Bee socket).

Also the output to the PC should be sent to SerialUSB (not Serial).

Hi @FandJ did you get it working? Im new to bluetooth sensors and im using the same hardware as you. Can i find your code somewhere on Git or show me somehow you got it working?
Kind regards Maik