Sodaq Mbili RN2483 OTAA

We are stuck with the development of the Sodaq Mbili OTAA integration on the Things Network.
Can somebody help us out or have an example sketch?
We got the Mbili already working with ABP.

Under the sodaq one there is an example sketch with otaa

Change SerialUSB to Serial and add the enable pin for the lorabee module.

Hi Jan, Thanks for your answer. We tried your advice, But we don’t know the parameters for the Mbili to enable the lorabee.

//Power up the LoRaBEE
//pinMode(BEE_VCC, OUTPUT); // Autonomo
//digitalWrite(BEE_VCC, HIGH); // Autonomo
digitalWrite(ENABLE_PIN_IO, HIGH); // ONE

What should we change?


Hi Paul,

I have updated the examples to work with the mbili

pinMode(20, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(20, HIGH);


Hi Jan,

Thanks for your quick reply. The Lorabee on the Mbili is now enabled! It sends an activation packet and we can capture the acknowledgement packet from the TTN backend on the gateway. But on the Arduino monitor we receive :

There was no response from the device.
OTAA Setup failed!
There was no response from the device.
OTAA Setup failed!

Any idee what went wrong?

Regards, Paul

Hi Paul,

Some RN modules can get into an unkown state when the mbili is reprogrammed.

When you see the message: [quote=“paul, post:5, topic:597”]
There was no response from the device.

Disconnect all power sources for 5 seconds.