Sodaq Mbili field deployment Issue- Lipo battery charged but not collecting data

Hello all- I am trying to deploy a Soda Mbili compatible water level recorder in the field. The Lipo battery is fully charged, but will not power the board as no data are collected with the sodaq is deployed at night. In the daytime, the solar panel is able to kick in and the information can be logged, but Lipo battery will not work. It will work perfectly fine when connected to the computer. The specs of water level recorder mention that 3.3- 5 v needed to power it. While the lipo battery showing 3.82 V, but not powering the circuit. This was in India Now I traveled back and the solar panel will not work either, now the water level recorder is working only when it is connected to the computer.

Thanks in advance

There should be a jumper header next to the lipo/ solar connectors. Are the pins connected?
When you plug and unplug the lipo alot it could be that the cables in the lipo connector dont connect that well anymore.

Or is there in your sketch something thats waiting for the serial monitor? like: while(!Serial);


Thanks- is this the jumper header immediately north of the lipo-solar connectors, that you meant, need to be connected? thanks

Yes, you have to connect those pins.

oh thank you, i will use a small wire and connect them