SODAQ ExpLoRer RF design?

Hi all

Is the SODAQ ExpLoRer hardware implementation RFIO shared or not?



Dear Mark,

On the Explorer board, the RFIO is shared. We use one pin on the RN2483 module to send and receive LoRa packages, does this answer your question sufficiently?

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Nick Leijenhorst

Nick Leijenhorst

Why did your team pick the inferior option?

Very strange when Semtech point this out clearly for antenna design & interface.

Can you also explain why the SODAQ ExpLoRer board is not recognised under Win 10 x64 when plugged in?

Also, Arduino says error with

Following your instructions here

Hope you can help as my board arrived today.
Would like to use it with Arduino IDE at first then Atmel Studio 7 later.
Here i will build a profile for the board.

If only bloatware Win 10 x64 could see this device to use it!


Changing HTTP to HTTPS the error for


in Arduino IDE, the warning goes away is this correct and could you update your web instructions if so?

I still cannot see the ExpLoRer under Win 10 x64.
It is not showing up at all, any solutions?


Some folk use this link

It looks older. It is.

Starting to get confused with so many versions of the TRUTH in the wild.

Will someone working on the project correct issues with this KIT.


After all, how can we use it if the instructions have issues?

Update # 2

The error is back after restarting Arduino IDE.

What is the correct link, with the latest build?

Hi Mark,

We used to have one download url:

Then we did split it up into two.
The old one is still used for the AVR architecture and the new url for the SAMD.

For the explorer you need to use the new url:

You can use the two urls at the same time.

SORRY TOPIC related but off subject!

I updated the preferences as you say, restarted the Arduino IDE and compiled.

Same error

Sketch uses 16736 bytes (6%) of program storage space. Maximum is 262144 bytes.
It used old version i downloaded last week. That is why it compiles.

Error downloading

So, i changed it to HTTP not HTTPS and restarted IDE.

Error downloading

Sorry, your solution does not work for me.

Did you allow the Arduino IDE to have internet access?
Can you disable your firewall and try to download with HTTP url?

Hi Jan

Yes my Arduino IDE can see the internet.
I updated other libraries no issues at all.

It seems the an old link gives no errors with Arduino IDE. But the platform no longer shows SODAQ ExpLoRer as an option for boards.

Confussed Dot Com here,

please help with a working guide we all can follow that works on latest Arduino IDE 1.8.4

I must be an IDIOT!

Dear Mark,

Unfortunately, we do not have any RF design freedom when it comes to the Semtech chip. We use the RN2483 module from Microchip, which has one bidirectional RF pin.

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Shame they picked the poor version, why!

Moved my Arduino IDE related questions to a new topic!

Thanks for your feedback relating to RF initial question.