Sodaq Explorer + how to get rssi and snr?

I’m trying to get the following parameters rssi and snr. I have read in the RN2483 user guide, that the commands should be snr and rssi…

I have already used LoRaBee.getMacParam(“upctr”, upbuf, 16) to get the framecounter… Is it possible to use LoRaBee.getMacParam to get snr and rssi the same way? I have tried, but are only getting invalid param.

Hi @wiesel ,

You should be able to get the RSSI and SNR.
The Mac Params indeed don’t work, since the RSSI and SND are not a part of the mac commands but from the radio commands.

We currently don’t have a LoRaBee.getRadioParam in our library.
You should be able to create this yourself easily, something like:

#define STR_CMD_RADIO_SET "radio set "
#define STR_CMD_RADIO_GET "radio get "

And similar in the .cpp file.

Best regards,

Thanks… I did find out that I needed to add the function myself. I got it working by editing the header and cpp file

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