Sodaq explorer Bluetooth

Hello, I’m trying to understand how bluetooth LE works and I´ve using the example from the Microchip_RN487x library. The problem I have is that, in the example BLE_Peripheral, there are two uint16_t variable defined called temperatureHandle and ledHandle which have a value of 0x72 and 0x75 respectively.
I have tried to assign another value to these variables such as 0x20 and 0x21 or even 0x70 and 0x80 and what I have received from debug console is error. I adjoin an image of what i get from the serial console when the handle values are changed (I also changed the UUID but it works when the handle values aren´t change).


From what I read, the handle value is a value you assign that uniquely identifies an attribute and it must be assigned in increment order. What I´m missing?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @EvoTech

From what I understand from this datasheet is that you will get an error when the there is a
Syntax error, invalid parameter, not connected or characteristic not readable.
Did you also configure the custom handles on your connected device?

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