SODAQ board advice

Hello all,

Hi my name is Mike and I am from California. I ran across this forum when I started
trying to save power on a SAMD21 based board. Kudos to SODAQ developers who created
the RTC sleep functions in a very easy to follow format. I am in the process of looking at
SODAQ boards for any of my future projects.

My current project is a datalogger that saves Temperature and movement information
inside an auto mobile, its a proof of concept project to alert parents when they leave
there children alone in a HOT car. Over 45 Kids a year die in the United States because of this.

As of now I am using an Adafruit Feather M0 Adalogger on bread board with the following

  1. MLX90614 (3V) A single pixel non contact thermal imaging sensor
  2. DS18B20 1 wire temp sensor
  3. Mini PIR sensor from SimplyTronics

All this runs off a 1200 maH battery so saving power is a must. I have all the
sensors working and datalogging the information to SD card. I am in the process
of attempting to do the LOW power now. Im trying to use interrupts triggered by the
output of the PIR sensor to “wake up” the processor and other sensors. I have the
power for the 2 others sensors tied to a simple analog switch to turn them on.

With no attached circuitry and am drawing ~2ma in sleep mode. I am trying to reduce this

Can someone suggest a SODAQ board to fit my requirements?
Any help would be appreciated!
I hope I placed this in the correct category!!