SODAQ Autonomo don't update to HTTPS channel


I am new to Arduino Technology, I have been using Autonomo for my project, and it has been uploading data collected to a web system channel after every hour, I am wondering now it can’t upload while I am using the same sketch, I have been doing troubleshooting and recognized some lines on the sketch causing the problem, I get confused why now? while previously everything was fine with the same sketch.

Here is the part of the code realized to cause the problem,

sodaq_wdt_enable(WDT_PERIOD_8X); in the setup function

And I have a takedata() function in my loop function but it is called like this

if (hz_flag) {

LEDs on the GPRSbee and on the boards seems to work up accordingly, that’s watchdog works perfectly.

When I remove if (hz_flag) {} and sodaq_wdt_enable(WDT_PERIOD_8X); it uploads as I expected but it is not timed, that is I can’t set it to read and upload data after a specific time.

Any idea to help please, I have stuck here for some days now.
Thank you.