Sodaaq Explorer: wrong board mounted in the device manager

Hi all,
I am a newbie with Arduino IDE and Sodaq explorer board. I did some basic tests which were successful. I also use a Arduino uno board. At a time, both were plugged. Since that I guess, when I plug the Sodaq, I see “Arduino Uno” in the device manager of the PC and I cannot upload codes anymore. Even if port is ok in the IDE (here COM5: (Sodaq Explorer): I get the error: Found upload port: COM5
{}/bossac.exe -i -d --port=COM5 -U true -i -e -w -v C:\Users\LKCT1500\AppData\Local\Temp\arduino_build_872572/test_Mouvement.ino.bin -R Cannot run program “{}/bossac.exe”: CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified
When I come back to the device manager, it is now a Genuino Zero bootloader that is seen !
I tried to reset the board with the reset button without success. Is there another way to reset the board (maybe to factory default) ?
I tried from another PC: same issue.
I am stuck…
Any help would be very appreciated ! Thanks a lot

Dear Luc,

When you see Arduino Zero, or Sodaq Explorer in the Arduino IDE that’s both good :smile:
We use on our One, Autonomo and Explorer the Zero bootloader to stay compatible with Arduino.

Can you update the Arduino IDE version to the latest?
Can you update the board files from both Arduino Zero and the Sodaq board files to the latest available?

We recently updated the board file url, we did seperate AVR and SAMD boards
Can you check if you have the correct url:

To reset the Explorer into bootloader mode you need to double press the reset button.
Any sketches is blocked from running, you will see a different com port on your pc, and the board is expecting a new sketch.

When you upload a new sketch you will get your “old” com port back.


Hi Jan,
Thanks a lot for your answer. is effectively filled in Additional Boards manager Urls field in the preferences of IDE; I have been using IDE 1.8.2 and Sodaq SAMD Boards is 1.6.12.
I have reuploaded the sketch SodaqRH2483 and it works now. I don’t understand why …
Thanks a lot Jan !
Kind regards