SIM7020E Can't post data through HTTP or MQTT

I just got SIM7020E breakout board from

I become able to register to NB-LTE network, but when I tried to post some data according to datasheet,

I always get error message in step num(4).
My AT commands sequence to send data are is as follows:
//1- To Create HTTP host instance

//2- To connect to server

//3- To allow to POST data

//4- Posting Data to certain topic in thingsboard cloud
AT+CHTTPSEND=0,1, " api/v1/ $Access_TOKEN/attributes " , " HTTPHEADER_in_hex " , “application/json” , " json_data_in_hex "

//5- Disconnect from cloud
//Disconnect from the Server

Noting that:

json_data_in_hex =
{“Sens1” : “23” }
That is encoded in hex to be --> 7b2253656e733122203a2022323322207d

Accept: /
Connection: Keep-Alive
That is encoded in hex to be --> 4163636570743a202a2f2a0d0a436f6e6e656374696f6e3a204b6565702d416c697665

So, Finally I`m running the command as:
AT+CHTTPSEND=0,1," api/v1/ $Access_TOKEN/attributes " , "4163636570743a202a2f2a0d0a436f6e6e656374696f6e3a204b6565702d416c697665 " ,
" application/json " , "7b2253656e733122203a2022323322207d "

and it gives me error !
I don`t know what is the wrong?

Also, when I tried use MQTT AT commands, I followed the manual to start mqtt service:

But always I got error in all MQTT AT commands.

I`d be grateful if someone could help me.

Did you solve your problem?

I think you should remove double quotes from your HEX data, like this:

AT+CHTTPSEND=0,1,“api/v1/ $Access_TOKEN/attributes”, 4163636570743a202a2f2a0d0a436f6e6e656374696f6e3a204b6565702d416c697665,

Also carefull with extra spaces.

Tell me if it is working.