Serial1 pins manual control


I’m new to using the arduino platform.
Maybe some one can tell me or I can controll the TX and RX pins of the SARA manually.

I would like to bypass the AVR by wiring up directly to the SARA, this to test it in a existing application.

The TX and the RX pin should be both input so they dont disturb the communication.

The passtrough application is not working for me because I’m using differtent baudrates and the buffer sizes are too small to “realtime” process the data blocks received by the server.



Hi @Bram,

If you are using a R410 module you can connect the external usb pinout and talk direct to the module.

Kind regards,

Related to this topic, I have some questions. I try to integrate a Grove BLE v1 device from Seeed. I see two options:

  • using the standard Grove cable
  • attach the cables direct to the board.

First option. The SoftwareSerial library is not working for my Sodaq Sara R410 board. Port A6/A7 cannot be used…any suggestians or do I need to rewrite the library?

Second option. First question, do I need to connect the Tx with Rx or Tx with Tx??? Second queston, after succesfull soldering, using the standard passthroug script which uses standard D0/D1 ports can be used to run AT commands?

Or…if both options are not working, does anybody have good suggestions?


The A6/A7 are used to communicate with the SARA module.
So you should not use these.

You can indeed use D0 and D1 to communicate with other devices.
Tx has to go to Rx, Tx = Out, Rx = In.
AT commands are just a format of text so you can send it over the serial connection.